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Saturday, July 13, 2013

ODF Movement in Sindhupalchowk and GSF Program: Through My Sight

By: Phurba Sange Moktan

- Sankar Tamang, aged 36, Sipapokhare-4 stopped to defecate in open and built the safe and low cost toilet and also labored to his mother’s and others in the village to construct latrines.
- Man Bahadur Pahari, aged 74, Thokarpa-3 convinced his community people for not defecating in open. This selfless efforts finally counted by declaring the VDC as ODF.
- Majhi baje, aged 99, Pangretar VDC now feels comfortable to defecate in toilet. It has become one of his daily rituals as well.

The glimpses given up are some hidden stories behind the success so far in Sindhupalchwok district. Sindhupalchowk is the district which is connected with Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, and just 80 Km away to Chautara, district headquarter, more than half population used to defecate in open just one year ago. Data from WSSDO-Sindhupalchowk says, 61.35 % of the population from Sindhupalchowk didn’t have toilet access in their houses by July, 2012 with the strong discrepancy with water supply coverage, i.e. 84.43 %. (Source: District Sanitation Strategy Plan-2013, Sindhupalchowk). After DWASHCC formed on June 2012 and GSF started to work from July 2013, the data on sanitation started to change in Sindhupalchowk. Number of coverage has reached above then 60 % in a whole in district database exceeding more than 90 % coverage in improved sanitation in first phase of 37 VDCs. The rough data says after the intervention of GSF Program in Sindhupalchwok, more than 11000 toilets have been constructed upto June end, 2013 in 37 VDCs directly. The indirect outcomes are yet to count in the district.

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