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Friday, January 29, 2016

Responding Earthquake...Experience sharing by Phurba

(Questions/Answers – by Phurba who is the live witness of Nepal Earthquake-2015 and WASH Relief/Response immediate after upto Recovery Phase (upto Jan. 2016 (Now)))

1. Where were you during the two major earthquakes of April and May?
During the first earthquake, I was in home at Kathmandu, 2nd floor. I had just completed my meal and started to take some rest on bed. During the second quake, I was at Chautara (duty station), Headquarter of Sindhupalchowk for my regular WASH response/relief works, was on the road.

2. What was your first response after the quake?
As earthquake happened, immediately I called to my office supervisor and let him knew that I am safe and with my family, then, sheltered to the safe open land for couple of days. On the third day of earthquake (i.e. on April 27, 2015), I got informed from my senior colleagues that National WASH Cluster meeting is going to happen at Singha Durbar premises (Strategic location of Nepal Government). So, I joined that meeting and shared some remarks regarding the current status of the district based on my communication with the district level colleagues. On the next day, I moved to Chautara (duty Station) with taking responsibility to coordinate/facilitate the WASH relief/responses. Immediate after reaching to Chautara, I met with the Government authority for WASH

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