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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Population Explosion: Global trend prospects

Written by: Phurba Sange Moktan

Since the history of the human population, population growth has become the key concern among human. During the early phase of human history, the human population was up to the subsistence level. However, with the timeline in the later phases (i.e. after 17th century), the human population has hiked in such a way that population exploded beyond the subsistence level. And, the trends have been emerging.

Here I would like to mention the key factors which have played much to control birth rate in the developed countries are due to aspiration towards the prosperous life of the people and due to urbanization in the developed countries. People choose to get married later and want to take less burden of their children that has directly affected their aspiration and security of lifestyle, as a result, the population is decreasing whereas in developing countries such as Bangladesh, India, Nepal, etc. the aspiration is less due to less education and empowerment level. In addition, majority of the rural population and uneducated mass of the people has less aspiration for growing fewer children. Also, due to less urbanization, they have less mobility, resulting the feeling of low fertility is not so much felt to be required. And, they are contributing to increase the everlasting population explosion.

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