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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The rising trend of Biosand

-Phurba Sange Moktan
Rupsagar Chhetri, 45, has not been to his father in law’s at Jalthal for 10 year because of the water with bad smell. “It’s not only me, but many son in laws were afraid to go to Jalthal” he said. If they have to go, they used to buy mineral water from the market.

Bhagwati Gurung, Makurmadi, Pathariya-9 also hesitated to visit her parent’s. She used to face problems like changing colour of clothes while washing. They were also suffering frequently from the public health problems like conjunctivitis, fever, rashes, jaundice and diarrhoea. But after introducing a biosand technology, villagers are being relieved from the problem. In different places of Jhapa namely Birtamod, Sharanmati, Surunga and Panchgachhi are nowdays producing biosand filter by community people themselves for which the credit goes to two organizations, ENPHO and CAWST. Eight months ago, 14 people received training on “Water Purification and Construction of Biosand Filter”; and some of them are now introducing it professionally in their communities.



  1. diarrhea spelling mistake it should be Diarrhoea. Most of the people of Nepal are not facilitated with pure drinking water which causes the diseases mentioned by you.

  2. Thanks mitra...i will correct it.

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